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Metec Network is a business network which gathers skills and expertise in order to offer a turnkey service in EU funding for innovation. It addresses both start-ups and companies in their take-off phase, both to SMEs, research centers, universities, scientific and technological poles. Metec Network supports companies , organizations and public bodies, checking the innovativeness of the proposals, identifying funding opportunities provided by the calls (at European, national and regional level) and following thewhole process, the bureaucratic, regulatory, legal and accounting issues.

The network not only helps companies to deliver the proposal, but also brings a major scientific andtechnical contribution thanks to its experts skilled in various areas (materials science, production systems,agri-food, energy, environment, ICT, health, social sciences, aerospace, automotive).

Metec experts support also those companies that experience difficulties to manage on their own reporting procedures related to financial issues, speeding up, as result, payment of contributions and avoiding possible errors.

Why should you choose us?

Metec Network is a business network that helps enterprises and institutions in the development and management of innovation projects.

Technical analysis
and project orienteering

Identifying funding opportunities and assistance in the preparation of projects, thanks to scientific multisectoral technical skills.

Legal and managerial support

Support for the management of research projects and technological innovation, IPR and legal issues advising and assistance in the reporting procedures


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